The company „J&P”, established in 1990, have been manucaturing and making installation of high quality solid wood stairs, handrails, wooden stair railings or the ones combined with stainless steel, glass, metalwork or the sculpture. „J&P” is a family business and from the beginning our aim was to create a well-known brand.

Our offer

schody drewniane

Wooden stairs

Wooden stairs are made of all kinds of timber available in our country (oak, beech, ash, pine etc.) or from exotic timber (acajou, merbau, jatoba, doussie etc.). We build them on the hanging construction (full, see-through, winder, spiral, arched stairs) and also on the concrete construction.

schody metalowe

Steel stairs

We offer to build indoor or outdoor stairs made entirely out of steel. We may also create wooden steps on the steel construction.

schody wiszące

Floating stairs

Those stairs are made from wood, glass and steel. They look as if they were floating in the air and seem to be fragile and delicate, but are really stable.

balustrady drewniane

Wooden railings

We've got a wide range of wooden railings to choose from. We constantly increase the number of available balusters (vertical elements), so that they can meet the expectations of our clients.

balustrady ze stali nierdzwenej

Stainless steel railings

For those who prefer modern interior design we can offer railings made out of stainless steel.

balustrady kute

Wrought iron railings

Wrought iron railings are perfect for peole who are interested in traditional craft. Available in the outdoor or indoor option.

balustrady szklane

Glass railings

Glass railings make a great choice for those, who want to make their staircase look more delicate. For the installation we use only stainless steel fittings of high quality.

poręcze do schodów


Mostly, we make handrails out of wood, the same material as the stairs. However, on client's request, we can use stainless steel or wrought iron.


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Balustrady drewniane producent
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About us

Designing stairs has been our passion for over 25 years. We've managed to create thousands of unique sets during this time. Each one is made from the highest-quality materials. We always take care of all the details at every level of production. We know how important it is for stairs to be functional and to look extraordinarily. This is what makes them a special part of your house.

We are able to build every kind of stairs you can dream of: winder, spiral or arched stairs, outdoor or indoor ones, but also the stairs made out of wood, steel or glass. We know that everyday you are going to make a thousand steps on them. That's why we are going to help you choose the model that will meet your expectations and then every step you will make will be a pleasure.